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Mission // Vision

cofutures is a platform for expanding the definition of who counts as a futurist, and critically examining and playing with new models for futurist practice. cofutures's expansive view on futures embraces practices that put play, discovery, critical examination, and intersectionality at their core.

Essential to cofutures practice is creating public opportunities for engagement between people not often considered futurists, and the public to reimagine what futurist practice looks and feels like. To this end we partner with organizations and individuals to build a community of futurists interested in directly impacting the world. We do this through interactive and participatory panels, workshops, performances, and presentations.

The future is a public good and more people should be involved in shaping it.




cofutures values practitioners who have a direct impact on the world around them, and are not soley focused on asking questions or speculating on alternatives. The 21st century demands action, and the new generation of futurists responds to the needs of the radically changing world by acting compassionately and critically to build a better world.


The future is a public good. The future is created through a number of channels and institutions and this ability to impact the future needs to be democratized. Everyone needs a say. We are aggressively accessible


There is no one future. Infinite futures abound, and there is no one conception of what the future should look like or how it is imagined. We must always resist universal visions of the future and embrace the ambiguity and contradiction of diverse perspectives with a critical and kind approach.


THe Team


Charlotte McCurdy

Charlotte McCurdy is an interdisciplinary designer and researcher based in Brooklyn. She is a Global Security Fellow at the Rhode Island School of Design with the support of the MacArthur Foundation and a member of the New Museum’s cultural incubator, NEW INC. She holds a Master of Industrial Design from RISD, and a Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs from Yale University.


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Chester Dols

Chester is an interdisciplinary artist and designer based in Brooklyn, New York. His current research focuses on the development of language and the investigation of how mediums, objects, and spaces are gendered. Chester teaches and mentors new media studies at Fordham University, New York City College of Technology, the School of Visual Arts, and New York University. He is a member of the New Museum's cultural incubator, NEW INC. He holds a Master of Professional Studies from NYU ITP, and a Bachelors of Arts in Architecture from Columbia University.



Aaron Field simmons

Aaron is a designer, researcher, and illustrator working at the intersection of futures, products, and people. His work and research has mainly focused on the intersections of fiction and design, and how employing the tools of fiction in the design process leads to unique outcomes. Through collaborative writing workshops Aaron creates worlds with others that help them understand their relationship to their own world.



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